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Why construction industry needs marketing

Ellen Must
April 3, 2022

For those in the construction sector, marketing is often the last thing on your mind—unless you’re struggling to land new clients, it’s unlikely that you’re thinking about how to market your business right now.

The thing is, to keep a constant pipeline of work available, you have to balance ongoing jobs with prospecting for new ones.

Whether you’re a one-man shop or a full-fledged marketing department working in marketing qualified leads, the construction sector has its own set of obstacles. There are many dangers on the job, and it’s crucial not to put your marketing strategy on the back burner while your competitors take advantage of every local job opportunity.

So, what can your building firm do to make a name for itself? You can out-book and out-build your opponents with some canny construction marketing tactics.

One of the most obvious is to make sure your equipment and clothing prominently display your phone number wherever you go. This even applies to the roof of your van, truck or Frannas!

Many jobs happen on high-rise building sites or apartment blocks and having a clear phone number and/or website address on the roof marks you out from the crowd.

Many industries, like construction, rely heavily on phone conversations for business purposes. Your leads won’t call you if there are too many barriers, regardless of whether they are a local homeowner searching for help to remodel their kitchen or a huge development corporation seeking a construction firm to take on some larger projects.

Whether your ad appears on a Google search, a billboard on the street, or on a leaflet at the local supermarket, your well-managed phone number should link directly to your company’s name.

For example, when we typed in “Sydney Construction Companies” three came up listed – but the last of the three don’t have their phone number showing – unless you click on through. Why make it difficult for potential clients to contact you about work?

The first two companies are excellent examples of businesses doing basic marketing well.

If you want to make it as easy as possible for your leads to get in touch with you, make sure your phone number is prominently displayed on your website, links to all branded material on other websites and social media platforms, and that someone is responsible for answering and following up all incoming calls.

You should make use of Google’s local services advertisements beside your usual search and display ads. Why? Because of the specificity of this ad kind for your business. The “Google Guaranteed Badge” in your service advertisement will appear beside a direct link to your phone number when it is properly configured and someone searches for a “construction firm near me.”

You just pay for leads rather than clicks with this model, and in addition to Google’s endorsement, the top spot on the SERPs, and lowering barriers to contact, you only pay for leads.

Internally, make sure your website is user-friendly to your target audience.

63% of clients primarily use a contract company’s website to identify and communicate with them, and 30% do not even consider a business that does not have a website, according to a recent industry survey by Blue Corona.

Marketing success in the construction industry depends on having a well-designed and user-friendly website that finds leads who aren’t overwhelmed or turned off by jargon or hype.

You can then be linked to a full through-channel marketing set-up, which can be automated for working hours and specific client profiles, like demographics, physical location, income bracket etc.

This way, if someone is just searching for a price on timber cladding, timber screens, or wire mesh panels, they can be dealt with without taking time away from more important tasks or site work.

It’s no secret that social media is becoming increasingly popular and widely used.

According to JBK, 75% of construction companies currently use social media to market their operations.

For construction companies, this may be both a good and a terrible thing. Construction marketing has never been easier, yet with so many competitors, it’s difficult to distinguish your company from the throng.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow for extremely targeted advertising. On these sites, the initial step is to identify the location you’re aiming to reach.

Next, think about who you’re trying to reach. What does their financial picture look like? What about personal preferences and habits? If you have several distinct target groups for your material, it could be best to create separate campaigns for each one.

Explore your alternatives and see what resonates with your target audience, and you’ll soon communicate directly to them on social media – securing even more work.

TikTok may not seem an obvious place to reach clients, but look at the tradespeople and one-man-bands with videos posted and you might soon change your mind.

Building an audience isn’t just about getting new consumers; it’s about keeping the ones you already have.

For example, if your customer’s experience with your company was excellent and they haven’t yet come back to you with more work, it might be worth checking in to see if you can help them out. You may get more business because of the customer’s appreciation for your call.

In addition to helping you work with satisfied clients and generate new business through recommendations, maintaining these positive relationships is an excellent construction marketing approach.

One-third of internet users watch videos, and this video traffic increases organic SERP traffic by 157%, so it’s clear that businesses can’t ignore video marketing.

This is especially true in the construction business, which is so visually oriented. The end result of a building job is often gorgeous, so why not showcase it in a video?

Video can also be a terrific method to add individuality to your company’s brand.

Make your business more approachable and increase your audience with a film showcasing your work, your construction process, or a fun video about your company’s culture and the many personalities of your employees.

It’s so crucial to show showcase the human side of your business. Your leads will see the cheerful faces of your employees in your marketing initiatives, and they will feel as if they are getting to know you and your business in a more personal way. It’s a modest step toward gaining their trust.

There’s nothing hard about any of these marketing initiatives and you can quickly sort them to give you maximum impact out there in the construction marketplace.

Good luck – now, what was your phone number again?

Ellen Must

Ellen Musk is a fictional in-house editor at Mad House publications and writes for Startup Life and Tech Yeah. She has a passion for technology, innovation and science. Her articles are produced right here in the Mad House and often cover subjects like new startups, interesting stories from the marketing world and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in joining Ellen as a member of our contributor community, visit Madhouse.pub or email [email protected]
Ellen Must

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